Car Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

Recently, there has been a wave of car accidents in Los Angeles due to drivers who are sending text messages while driving. In the past, it used to be that people would be putting on make-up or having breakfast while driving in their cars. That was a major distraction. It was a distraction, but not an illegal one. Recently, with cell phone laws going into effect, we now know using your phone while driving is a dangerous activity. Statistically speaking, such activities do lead to a higher chance of getting into accidents. That’s how such laws go into effect, first you have to prove a correlation between the number of accidents and how distracted the driver was. Often times, when you hire a car accident lawyer after an accident, they will subpoena your phone company’s records and show that the other party was doing something with their phone, either texting or sending pictures. In such cases, liability becomes much easier to establish.

What happens in a car accident claim?
First, you describe to your lawyer what happened. This is where you want to be as truthful as possible. You want your attorney to know everything to know about your case, just so they are able to plan it out properly. They can look at the details and build a good defense or offense, depending on which side you are on. The car accident attorney Los Angeles will then start studying your case as if everything you told him is true.

What happens if you lie to your lawyer?
If you are not completely honest with your lawyer, then he will build your claim around whatever you told him. But then problems could arise. For example, suppose you go to a deposition for a personal injury claim. You told your representative that you have never had injuries in any other accidents. During deposition, the other side asks your attorney if you have ever been injured in other accidents, and he says no. Then, they show evidence that you were not completely truthful. At this point, your whole case can be destroyed due to your own carelessness. Therefore, it is in your best interest to tell your legal representative everything so he can come up with the best strategy regarding your case.

Regarding where to meet your lawyer, it doesn’t really matter. The only reason you should go to his office is to check it out and make sure he has a physical office and he is not going to disappear on you one day. Of course, a physical office is not a guarantee of quality, but it’s an indicator. Many times, you will also get a feeling for what kind of a person they are when you meet them at their office. You will see if they are organized or if their office is a complete mess. Other than that, you can meet your attorney anywhere. You can see them at your house, at the coffee shop, at the library, or anywhere else to sign the forms or to do a consultation. If they have a cell phone (of course, they do) and they give you the number, that would be great because you can call them any time with questions. But give them a call to make sure the number is real and not one of those numbers that go straight to voicemail. Other than that, the rest is just common sense. You can also try filing a lawsuit on your own.